MISSION: To raise raise awareness among all generations, specifically teens, on the impact drug use and gang activity can have on their present and future lives. We are just trying to break the stereotypes, not live up to them.


There are over one million juvenile gang members in the US, more than three times the number estimated by law enforcement.2016 ended with 762 homicides related to gang activity. Halfway through 2017, Chicago saw 350 homicides related to gang activity as well.

You Should Realize That...

according to recent study, 81 percent of teens say they have had the opportunity to use illicit substances; 42.5 percent actually went through and tried them. More than one million of youths, inthe US alone, between the ages of 12 and 17, met diagnostic criteria for problem use or dependence (addiction) on illicit drugs or alcohol.

Don't Be Fooled...

taking drugs and being apart of gangs may provide a sense of comfort and belonging in a cold society like ours, but it does not improve your lifestyle. They hinder you from becoming what you really can. No matter how helpless or horrible your life may seem, don't depend on things that could shorten your life-span for relief. We are here to teach you how to avoid and handle addictions or the "thug life".

"Don't let pressure and suffering break you; let it motivate you. Prove the world wrong by doing what is right."-D.T.